A Season Of Small Joys

Last Sunday was the start of the Advent in the Christian calender.

For many people around this time of year, the Christmas season has started. Thanksgiving has come and gone, as have Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The Christmas pop songs and decorations have been up in many shops and city centres for weeks.

This year’s festive season will most likely look very different for many people.

Yet, away from the busyness of buying the ‘perfect’ gift and making sure they arrive in time, there may be small moments where we can find joy:

That might be in writing and sending Christmas cards. It might be helping a neighbour with their shopping. It might be putting up the Christmas decorations around the house.

(It’s hard because even with these we can fall into the trap of the consumer culture – buying more decorations every year, more food and drink, spending more money on Christmas outdoor lighting).

But perhaps it’s in the simple things, like decorating the Christmas Tree, that we can remember that we don’t have to buy more to be joyful at Christmas.

We can come together and rejoice in the fact that we’re with our loved ones (if that’s possible) and be grateful for what we already have.