I’ve been reflecting recently on whether we should do things out of obligation or because we ‘feel’ like doing them. I think it certainly depends on your occupation.

I wouldn’t want my dentist to not show up if I needed a tooth pulling out just because they didn’t ‘feel’ like doing it. The are professionals. It’s their job.

At the same time, should we invest time in all areas of our lives out of obligation or because we want to?

I think we must find a balance between both.

We don’t want to not to things just because we don’t feel like it. Feelings and emotions are subjective and very changeable. We might never feel like doing certain things, but we do them because we have a responsibility.

But if we fall into the trap of only doing things out of obligation, we lose our passion and our love for them. We see this in teachers, hobbies, relationships.

 We become automatons and do things without thinking.

What obligations do you have? How do you manage things when you don’t feel like doing them?