Sow Generously

We will reap what we sow. So we are called to sow generously. We might not see the rewards of what we plant. But that does not mean we should plant sparingly. 

If we horde what we have – money, resources, our time – who or what are we saving them for?

They may be here today and gone tomorrow, like a gust of wind.

We live in a stingy culture. We strive to better ourselves in the pursuit of individual happiness, success and status.

We want to save things up for ourselves and our close circle, yet this often comes at the expense of others – particularly the poor and those less fortunate than ourselves. 

With a mentality of abundance, we can be generous with our time and resources. There is plenty to go around.

How can you sow more generously this Christmas season, with those around you and those less fortunate than you?