Changing Direction

Sometimes, I can fall into the trap of saying that a day needs to be ‘written off’ if I haven’t achieved everything I set out to do.

I think it’s important to accept things haven’t gone our way, but ‘written off’ can have negative connotations.

Basing my day solely on productivity isn’t helpful. There are always moments to Practise Gratitude for the small things, even if my day hasn’t gone as planned.

Instead, a more helpful thing to say might be that a day has ‘Changed Direction’.

Not getting everything done doesn’t mean a day has to be written off. It just means that we might have to adjust our expectations.

If we take a wrong turn while driving, it doesn’t always mean we are going the wrong way. Often, it will simply take us another way to our destination. Perhaps longer and a little more difficult, but we might discover something unexpected along the way.

HT to Hazza for this one.

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