Done Enough?

My girlfriend’s mum is a nurse and I was talking to her the other day about her work. She retired back at the start of the first national lockdown in the UK. She was a nurse for 38 years. She spoke about how she tried to bring her kind and caring nature to a job that over the years, became increasingly more about the paperwork than the patients.

During the past few months, she’s been questioning whether it was the right decision to retire during a pandemic. She told me that she had felt guilty for not doing enough and felt like she could’ve helped more in some way.

Now the UK has announced its plans for nationwide vaccinations, she is again thinking about going back and helping with this.

For people who care and have a passion for working with others, I imagine that the feeling of doing more to help is always lurking.

Perhaps that feeling of sufficiency will never go away. But we need to learn to recognise the value we bring to other people’s lives.

In my opinion, 38 years working as a nurse is an incredible example of service to others.

How do you deal with feelings of sufficiency? Who do you serve in the work you do?