Defining Our Days

How do we define our days?

Has it been a ‘good’ day or a ‘bad’ one?

What does that mean for you?

Is it all about productivity or fruitfulness?

Has it changed direction?

I was recently speaking to friend about my work. They asked me if I’d managed to do all the work I wanted to and gently encouraged me that I needed to be ‘doing more’ and not getting distracted all the time.

How will you manage when you’ll be working a 9 ‘till 5 job every day?”

I’m grateful for the person trying to motivate me. It’s important that we have forward momentum, but progress isn’t always linear. Some days are harder than others. Some days, it’s important to celebrate just getting out of and making our bed

As I say, I’m grateful for the encouragement, but it did make me laugh because I really don’t think I want to work a 9 to 5 job in the future (but that’s a blog post for another day!)

Only we can define our days and how we’ve spent them.

How do you define yours?