Home For Christmas?

Over the past few days, thousands of lorry drivers have been left stranded because of the freight ban imposed on the UK.

When I heard about the border shutting and that specifically, food lorries were going to be affected, my first thought was: “is there going to be a food shortage for my family?”

My first thought was myself. Yes, it’s a human response to think of ourselves and our livelihoods first. But especially at this time of year, we should be making an extra effort to look beyond ourselves.

The way the British media has portrayed the situation is that there was going to be a food shortage in the UK.

The focus wasn’t on the reported 5,000 lorry drivers who might not be home for Christmas.

I’m lucky enough to be at home with my family for Christmas, but sadly that might not be the case for the many drivers, serving others, who are stranded because of decisions out of their control.

With many news stories over the past year, I’ve tended to think about how the story is going to firstly impact me (whether that’s been restrictions, vaccines or lockdowns). It takes effort to think beyond ‘our worlds’ and enter into the lives of others. 

What story has made you think of others, outside of your close circle, this week?