Food Brings Us Together

Yesterday in our family, the day was mainly focused around the table. As much as I like giving and receiving gifts, my Mum and Dad’s Christmas Dinner is the best part of the day – sharing food and conversation with loved ones.

Perhaps you don’t celebrate Christmas, but that doesn’t matter. Every culture, country, religious tradition and family have their own festivities centred around food.

Food is a tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. And our tribes’ food brings us together to share community.

Sadly, Christmas Day this year will have looked very different for many people. I’m sad that I couldn’t share it in person with my extended family and loved ones. But I’m sure it was the same at Eid, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving for many people (to name just a few other celebrations affected by the pandemic).

But hopefully, at some point soon, we will be able to share food and fellowship with friends, family and loved ones again.

Food is culture and a beautiful way of bringing us together. 

What food and recipes does your family or tradition share?

Here’s to more shared meals around the table in 2021!