Me First

Self-care is not conditional.

Something I’ve been struggling with recently is looking after myself. I’ve been telling myself that I need to ‘earn’ self-care. I need to do a certain amount of uni work before I can write, draw, read or play the guitar, for example.

If I’ve not done what I deem to be a ‘sufficient’ amount of work, I’ve not been allowing myself the chance to rest, relax and unwind.

I feel silly even as I’m writing this, but I think it’s important to put it into words to realise how counterproductive this behaviour is.

We need to look after ourselves first. Period. Self-care is not conditional on any amount of work we’ve done. We don’t ‘earn’ it. We deserve it and need it from the start because it’s from this base, we can go out and do the work that matters. 

Yes, it’s good to have goals. It’s good to use hobbies as motivations and rewards. But if we neglect ourselves, we won’t be able to do any work.

I’ve spent too many days getting stressed, worked up and having panic attacks because I’m not looking after myself. I’ve refused to be kind to myself because I keep telling myself I don’t deserve it or haven’t earnt it.

Our health and mental wellbeing is the priority. Please, take some time to look after yourself today.

What will you do for your self-care time today?

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