Taking The Blame

Prior to Christmas, I was online shopping and probably like many people, was left left frustrated by delays, lost orders or missed deliveries.

I wrote before about this in Keeping Promises, but what frustrated me about the customer service was that neither the business or the courier wanted to take responsibility for what had happened. Both were blaming each other like two children in the school playground.

The business told me that my order had been ‘shipped and completed’, but I was still without the parcel over a week later, after ordering next day delivery.

The courier app told me that they were still waiting to receive the parcel.

Somewhere along the production line, something has happened. Someone wasn’t telling the truth and no-one was taking responsibility.

Good customer service would take responsibility and reach out to the customer to apologise. As much as it’s about my parcel, it’s also about respect and trust. Both the business and the courier have burned those in this story.

Perhaps respect and trust are more valuable in the long term with the customer than the delivery I had ordered anyway?

How do you take responsibility in the work you do?