“Leave It ‘Till Tomorrow”

I often worry about the things I feel need to be done ‘today’ or even everyday. It’s important that we have routine and cultivate habits, but I fall into the trap of over-planning my days.

I set my expectations too high and I feel like I’ve ‘had a bad day’ if I’ve not achieved all that I set out to do.  

Sometimes, I think I would be better off not setting my expectations so high and leaving things until tomorrow. As long as I get my one Priority done, I think that’s the most important thing.

But at the same time I recognise that at certain times, there is a pattern of procrastination when I don’t want to do certain work (often uni assignments, essays and revision!).

If my heart isn’t in and I don’t find it useful, I don’t want to do it. Yet, it’s still an ‘obligation’.

What are your priorities? What obligations and what daily habits do you have?

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