Change Your Day

I was chatting with my Dad the other day about his work as a window cleaner. I asked about how it must have been difficult over the years to motivate himself in long, cold winters when the weather prevented him from working, as it has done over the last few weeks.

He admitted that it was hard on some days; when it was raining so hard it soaked through his waterproofs or it was so cold that he lost the feeling in the ends of his fingers.

Some days all he wanted to do was sit in his van and stay warm (or better, go home!). But he couldn’t. He still had the obligation to work to put food on the table and pay the bills.

But then he would be cleaning someone’s windows and the customer would come outside to offer him a hot drink and a biscuit. He told me that little encounters like this, a simple hot drink and conversation with a kind (often old) person, would change his day.

It made it worth coming out to work.

On some days, we feel like it would be better to just stay in bed.

But each day we will encounter someone or something that could change our days. And we will be presented with the opportunity to change someone’s day for the better.

When was the last time someone changed your day?

Whose day will you change for the better today?