Blue Bins

A few weekends ago, there was confusion on our estate about whether it was ‘blue bin day’ on Monday. The bins hadn’t been emptied over the Christmas period and because it had snowed, there was some delay returning to the normal schedule.

It was a curious affair because, for a long time, no-one had their bins out. I returned from an evening walk and saw one house with all three bins out.

However, by the time I went for my early morning walk the following day, the street was full of all kinds of bins.

It seemed like the safe option was to do what everyone else was doing, even if that wasn’t the right decision.

We conform when we’re unsure and look to someone to be a leader.

A couple of thoughts:

Do we conform to what everyone else is doing out of fear, even when we know that it might not be the right thing to do?

Are you the sort of person who steps up to lead when no-one else will?