A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about when I rearranged my bedroom. I felt like it was the one thing I could control on a day where I felt helpless. 

I’ve also been reflecting on control and my Circle of Influence. I think it’s become very difficult for many people in a time of nationwide or local lockdown.

These have put a limit of people’s freedoms for the greater good of public health. But at the same time, I think many people feel like their independence and choice has been taken away.

The argument is that this is necessary in the short term for the long term goal of eradicating the virus.

Yet, this loss of control and independence can also feel hopeless at times.

Perhaps, it is a similar feeling that the elderly and others experience when they lose their independence due to age or illness. 

I imagine this can feel helpless and a huge loss.

But at the same time, it opens up the possibility for interdependence and community with others.

Is there something in your life you’re struggling or wanting to control right now?

How can you use this time to create community and connection with others?