Social Networks

We live in a culture that’s more connected than ever, yet we’re also lonelier than ever before. We’re all ‘online’ but not present. We’re ‘active’ but not engaged. We send and accept friend requests or followers, but we fear genuine encounter.

Our real social networks are the people in our lives who deeply care about us, who want the best for us, who want to listen and help.

Friendship and relationship is mutual giving and receiving. We need to reach out and we need to accept others’ support. We need to talk and we need to listen. We need to be vulnerable and we need to be honest.

If we don’t connect with our true network of friends, family and/or loved ones, no-one will know who is struggling and who needs help.

This is the great difficulty with always being digitally connected. The snapshots that we paint of our lives online are not the true story.

No-one posts a picture of themselves alone and upset in their room.

Is there someone in your life you need to reach out to?

Is there an old friend you’ve not spoken to for a while?

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