Reading The Instructions

Last weekend, I found an old Airfix model aeroplane that I had never finished from when I was younger.

It was half-built and still needed to be painted. After all these years, I still hadn’t completed it.

But when I set to trying to finish it, I was reminded why I perhaps had never done it. It was very delicate and patient work to glue the tiny pieces together. 

I’ve never really been a patient person. I like to rush ahead and do everything at 100mph, before moving onto the next thing. I’m not like my dear brother, who is a lot more laid back, calm and collected, and who has the time and patience to read the instructions.

I try to rush ahead and only read the instructions when something has gone wrong. This usually means that it takes me a lot longer to work out a problem because I haven’t read the instructions.

Would it not be better to read the instructions first?

What things in your life demand your patience?

Would you say you say you’re a patient person?

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