“Leave It ‘Til Spring”

A few weeks ago, I was gutter cleaning with my Dad. We were working on a house where water had been leaking in through the walls, windows and front door. It had reached the point where the customer could only use the back door because of the water damage to the front. 

We’ve seen houses like this before and it’s always shocking to see the damage that has been done.

My question is: why wait until it gets to this point?

We spoke to a neighbour from the flat below and asked them if they wanted their gutters doing whilst we were working there.

‘Don’t worry. I’ll leave it ‘til the spring’.

That was their answer and that’s fair enough. Isn’t the customer always right?

Yet, this is just another example of short-term thinking. Although it seems like there’s no problem with the gutters right now, there may be unseen damage. This is what had happened with the previous house and resulted in huge water damage. It had been ‘left’ until the problem could no longer be ignored. 

But this is too late and could be prevented with some insight into the long term.

Is there something in your life that is a long term problem?

How can you solve it in the short term?