Enjoy It While You Can

Life’s moments of joy and despair have a lot to teach us.

I like to think of life as a mountain range. It goes up and down, with mountain-top moments of pure joy, as well as deep valleys of loss and pain.

When things are going well for us, it’s easy to think that on our way up the mountain: ‘things are going to just keep getting better’

We wait in expectancy for those mountain-top experiences and should celebrate these.

Yet, if we get caught up in this thinking, we can forget that the other side of any mountain is downhill.

We might not know how ‘deep’ that side is and how long it can last. It will surely have a lot to teach us about patience, perseverance and loss.

Therefore, it’s important to celebrate ‘walking up the mountain while we can’. This is not naive or pessimistic. In fact, it’s realistic about what life is like – constant loss and renewal, growth and change (the seasons teach us this every year, but it’s easy to forget!)

It’s a lot more helpful to keep in mind this perspective of the full mountain range.

What can you celebrate and enjoy in your life right now?

How can you Practise Gratitude in what you’re experiencing, even if it is going down the mountain?