‘Social’ Work

I imagine those of us who are more social or work in jobs where we’re constantly surrounded by people are finding it very difficult right now.

Perhaps for many people, the move from the office to the home, despite its initial difficulties, has been easier. Maybe this is the future of a lot of work that doesn’t necessarily need office space.

But for those whose work is fundamentally social – the hospitality sector, trainee nurses and others – not being able to work in the normal manner has had a huge impact. 

These sorts of jobs perhaps attract more sociable people; those who like to work with others and serve others.

The difficulty for everyone is that, as humans, we need social contact and connection with others. We’re a sociable species and, other than ascetics and hermits, most of us need to live in community and work with others.

The compulsory lockdowns and social distancing has had a huge impact on the way we interact with each other.

The hard work now is how to safely respond to this human need for connection without putting the vulnerable at risk.

How has your work been affected by isolation and social-distancing?