Boujee Drinks

While I was attempting to do ‘Dry January last month, I treated myself to some fancy, alcohol-free drinks to have at the weekend.

They were a sort of ‘mocktail’, which came with flavoured soda water in a fancy glass bottle and a small plastic cap filled with ‘nectar’ on top. The idea was that you could ‘mix it yourself’ and add as much of what was simply sugar-free syrup to your drink for the desired flavour. 

It’s safe to say that the drink was bland, boring and tasted like out-of-date carbonated water.

Thankfully, they were on offer but the usual retail price was £4. It was also disappointing because there was so much waste with the product (both plastic and packaging).

Obviously, their marketing was for a certain type of clientele and that’s fine. But it just shows you that you can sell anything, for any price and to anyone, if you tell the right story.

At the same time, my concern was that there was perhaps too much focus on the superfluous rather than the actual quality of the drink.

What story are you trying to sell to those who you work with and serve?