Savour Something

On most days, I find myself rushing through things to finish them. I move onto the next thing, unthinking – breakfast, work, dinner, walk, more work, tea, evening, bedtime.

It’s only when I sit down to write, blog and reflect on the day that I realise how much I’ve done without even thinking about it.

Science tells us that practising ‘Savouring’ can help us be more grateful.

The idea is to take a positive moment and try to cling onto it – take it in, ‘chew’ on it, breathe it, feel it, taste it, smell it.

This helps us to remember moments better, but perhaps more importantly, practice gratitude for the small moments in the day.

That might be something as simple as your cup of coffee, a few minutes of sunshine on your face or the smell of freshly cooked food.

Take some time to savour something today.

What was the last moment you savoured?