Why Do We Like To Criticise?

Why do we like to criticise so much?

I recognise this in myself and don’t like it. But I wonder where it comes from?

Perhaps it comes from being taught to compare, divide and make good distinctions from such a young age.

“This is better than that.”

“This is right. That’s wrong.

“It’s either this or that.”

“You can’t have both.”

This is necessary and important for decision making, but it doesn’t help us learn to contemplate things. The culture tells us to be very dualistic – ‘black or white’. There’s no room for grey areas and certainly not Both…And.

Of course, we’re allowed to criticise and constructive criticism helps us grow.

We need to discern whether the criticism is helpful, whether it’s helping us see things in a non-dual way or simply reinforcing our own limited perceptions.

Are you the sort of person that criticises often?

When is it helpful? When is it not?