I was talking with someone recently who told me how much they had been struggling with purpose and hope for the future.

Over the past year, they had been in hospital and thankfully recovered. But while they were in there, they told me that they had felt hopeless at times.

One thing that had kept them going was watching Benidorm. I admitted that I’d never seen the series, but they told me that didn’t matter. What kept them going was not the dry, self-deprecating British humour of the show, but their desire to travel after the pandemic. They longed to go out and explore the world, not just lie on a beach and ‘enjoy’ a package holiday.

In times like this, we all need something to keep us going. It’s in those difficult moments when we have to choose to look forwards or backwards.

If we spend our lives looking in the rear-view mirror, we will never see what opportunities lie on the road ahead of us. 

It was humbling to hear this story of how something so simple had the power to give someone a glimpse of hope in some of their darkest times.

What are you looking forward to?

What is keeping you going?