Embracing Lockdowns

Over the past year, many countries have gone into obligatory lockdowns. These times have been strange, novel experiences. I’ve personally found it difficult adapting to living and working under these conditions.

I was talking with a friend the other day and we spoke about how it almost feels ‘normal’ not seeing many people around. It’s become ‘normal’ to go out infrequently, simply to exercise and meet friends mainly online.

Other people have perhaps embraced these times of lockdown better – discovered new hobbies, found a new way of working, spent more time with loved ones.

It’s not all positive and it’s not all negative. There have been great difficulties and unimaginable suffering for many people. There have also been new opportunities for community and connection.

Would you say that you’ve embraced these times of lockdown?

What opportunities are there for you to use the time that you have creatively?