Keeping Busy II

Since the start of the second university semester, I’ve found myself reflecting on busyness again.

A few weeks ago, I was finding my love again for languages by studying my own methods. But since seminars and lectures have started again, I’ve found my days filled up with these ‘obligations’, deadlines and meetings. This is all well and good, an important part of work, but I’ve also found I’ve not actually been learning a lot. There hasn’t been as much time to do my own studying as I’d have liked.

We can be very busy and not actually be doing much learning, studying or improving.

How do we make things better when we’re ‘busy’ with the less important?

How can we find time to do both the ‘important’ work, as well as the incoming ‘urgent’ admin that takes up our time?

If we don’t find a balance to do both and carve out time for our learning, we will find that we’re ‘busy’ doing not very much.