The Stories We’re Told

We can spend our days conforming to the culture around us.

We might not live in caves and tribes anymore but are still shaped by those around us.

Subconsciously, we fear being excluded from the tribe, so we spend our time trying to please the Others (usually the ‘Alpha’ leaders of the pack).

If we don’t recognise the bubble we live in, we can’t acknowledge it and think outside of it. We risk being limited by those we surround ourselves with.

Conversely, we can listen to the stories and narratives we are told and decide what is true, good and worth taking on board. It won’t all be bad!

But we must decide how much influence it will have on us and how it will shape our paths.

Which stories are you told and which ones do you listen to?

Which are good and helpful?

What new stories do you need to discover?