I’ve written extensively in this blog about my concerns about social media. I try to use this medium to share my thoughts. I don’t want to conform to how the algorithms and social media corporations want us to use their platforms.

But I would be lying if I didn’t say I fear and worry about how I come across online.

When I first got social media (I think it was Facebook when I was actually 13), I used to post a lot of pictures and statuses. Then, I began to tweet. But soon enough, I regretted the arguments I used to get in on social media. I disliked other people’s comments and memes. It became all about “banter”, which was just an overt way of being unkind to people.

To coin another couple of phrases (similar to Patrick McGinnis’ infamous FOMO and FOBO), I would say I suffer from FOWOT and FOWOWS:

Fear Of What Others Think

Fear Of What Others Will Say

I Fear What Others Think when doing anything online. Anything obvious. I deleted Instagram, Snapchat and my first personal Twitter years ago. 

It made me feel rubbish and I didn’t get anything out of it. I’ve tried to dabble in it again a few times but to no great success.

I also Fear What Others Will Say; whether that’s people I know now or used to know at school, or whether that’s future employers who’ll be scanning my social media for anything that could give them bad press or give a bad first impression of me.

The problem with this is that I’m reacting to fear all the time. 

I’m allowing fear to dictate my choices, rather than leveraging it to my advantage and using it to push me to be more creative and courageous.

How do you respond to FOWOT and FOWOWS

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