Running Together

I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about running over the past month.

Over the past few weeks, my girlfriend and I have been trying to increase the distance we run every week, setting goals to motivate us. 

The other week, when we were on our target 10km run, we found ourselves struggling with about a quarter of the run still to go. Neither of us had run this distance before and it probably wasn’t the best idea to attempt it after exercising for three days straight ( a combination of running and long hikes!)

I wonder what I would’ve done if I was on my own and no-one was looking?

Would I have carried on, despite the pain or given in?

But I wasn’t on my own. We were running together. And sometimes that’s all we need – someone to walk, run or journey beside.

This is not just about running and hiking; it applies to all areas of our life. The culture tells us to do everything on our own – to be individuals and only look out for Number One

Who can you call on in your life to help you through difficult moments?