“The Most Relaxed I’ve Seen You All Year”

Last weekend, I felt very anxious and didn’t feel up to the long hike I had planned to go on with my girlfriend. The weather was beautiful, so instead, we decided to have a relaxing lunch outside in the sunshine.

After this, I had a sudden urge to clean the windows and started on the job with my girlfriend. I taught her the ropes quickly, having been masterfully taught by my Dad and working with him for about 17 years now – although when I was six years old, I did very little other than wiping down the odd window sill!

At some point in the late afternoon, my girlfriend said this to me:

“This is the most relaxed I’ve seen you all year”

I’ve been very stressed in my final year of university and I’ve not been enjoying studying languages as much as I used to. It’s taken its toll, but to be able to do something completely different at the weekend felt liberating.

Often, we need to do something completely different to be able to appreciate what we have and remember what we’re passionate about.

I felt similar after leaving 6th-form college, having been in compulsory education for 14 years. I needed a break and to do something different. I took a Gap Year in youth work, and the following year worked with my Dad cleaning windows to fund my travelling.

Only after taking time away from studying languages, I realised it was what I was passionate about.

How do you relax at the weekends?

When was the last time you took some time away from your work?

What was the reason you started doing what you’re doing now?

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