Office Hours

We live in a world and culture that constantly demand our time and attention. We are busier than ever before because we’re always connected.

The last year during the pandemic has turned the world of work upside down. Jobs and work have had to change because of the restrictions and lockdowns. Things simply couldn’t carry on as they were before. 

This has given rise to new technologies, habits and ways of working. There have been opportunities to learn, grow and adapt our work to how it suits us.

But although some people’s offices might have moved location, possibly to their homes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Office Hours have had to change.

I’ve personally found it hard to distinguish between working and not-working. Workdays, weekdays and weekends have blurred into one.

Should we be checking/sending emails at the weekend?

Should we expect this from others?

People have found new schedules and Office Hours that work for them. But we can’t expect everyone to do the same and work the same times as us anymore. We need to ensure we leave the ‘Office’ at some point and carve out time for ourselves, our friends and families or to simply relax.

How have you adapted to your new Office Hours?

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