I spoke to my Nana last weekend and we had a lovely video call. It was so good to see her face and I think it means a lot to her that she can connect with the outside world after having to shield for over a year now.

One thing she told me that’s difficult at the moment is the fact that my Grandad’s ears have clogged up with wax, so he’s having trouble hearing. Aside from the comical element at times, it’s made it very difficult for them to communicate. 

What’s sad is that they rang the doctor and although they have been sent some medication, it hasn’t worked. What’s worse is that the doctor said they couldn’t come out to unblock my Granddad’s ears. 

I understand the difficulty of this during the pandemic. However, they’ve been vaccinated and they’re shielding, so it’s unlikely they have come into contact with the virus. Their quality of life has been affected and this is unfair. It would be easy to unblock my Grandad’s ears, so they would be able to communicate better. As an elderly couple who are having to shield together, being able to communicate with each other is so important.

The decisions we make affect the lives of others.

What decisions have you made in the past week that have affected the lives of others?