Next Time

Sometimes we can’t do everything we would like to in a day. 

I’m overly self-critical when I don’t achieve everything I’ve planned. But this is unhelpful and unhealthy thinking.

Instead of looking negatively at what’s happened, I need to look positively at “Next Time”.

The other day, I wasn’t able to do the Skype language exchange I had planned with a friend in Germany. I was disappointed, but it couldn’t be helped. 

I could’ve spent time ruing the missed opportunity: “I should have done…”

But what I’m trying to do is change my vocabulary from the ‘Should haves’ to ‘Next Time I will’.

This isn’t always easy, especially having spent so long being so self-critical. But looking forward provides opportunities to grow, change and try again.

Is there something you ‘Should Have’ done recently?

What’s something that’ll you do different Next Time?