I’ve not thought about teaching for a while.

My brain has been a little fogged, to say the least, and I’ve not been thinking about much other than myself, trying to get better and the stress of my final uni semester. 

But the other day, after I didn’t go to my uni seminar because of an anxiety attack, I felt something of my passion for teaching flicker again.

We’ve been set one final ‘Mock’ speaking presentation for Spanish and the scenario is to do with technology-enhanced learning. I decided to start working on this instead, as I didn’t feel like doing lots of work. But it was through diving into this topic that got me reflecting on my future and teaching once again.

It was a great feeling. I felt inspired reading, researching and thinking about how I could incorporate technology into my teaching in the future.

Sometimes we need little ‘Nudges’ in the right direction when we’re feeling a little lost. I believe these opportunities are always there, every day, to prompt us in the right direction. Sometimes we miss them. Sometimes they take more discerning.

When was the last time you had a ‘Nudge’ for your vocation?