A Hard Day’s Work?

For me, studying languages, everything can be “work” – listening to music, watching Netflix, reading, podcasts. 

However, this can be a double-edged sword. It’s good because I can be passively “working” throughout the day and don’t have to be in my “office” as such.

But at the same time, it blurs the lines between what is actually great, creative work and what is simply filler. I’ve struggled with this throughout my time at uni. Often, I feel like I’ve wasted time, prepping for classes or seminars, when I could’ve spent that time more creatively.

It means that I define a ‘Good Day’ on the amount of work I’ve done or time I’ve spent on a task or project, rather than stopping and asking myself:

“Is this moving me forwards? Is this creative work? How much time am I spending on the (un)necessary ‘filler’?”

It also blurs the lines between my Office Hours, which is something to be wary of!

How do you define a good day?

How do you define your work?