Something Has To Give

I’ve thought and written a lot about productivity recently.

I lament over the fact that I can’t always do everything I want to in a day. I obsess over trying to do “too much” and tick off everything on my To-Do list.

This has meant that my time over the past few months has felt rushed.

“Time has flown by,” I say. 

What do I expect when I’ve not been present to the now?

Without presence, there can be little enjoyment.

Something has to give; I need to make some difficult choices about what to sacrifice in my days. But in reality, that has often been my own self-care and well-being, rather than my work.

But on the days where I do things better – I put myself first, take time for self-care and lower my expectations – are paradoxically, the days when I get more done! I’m more present on these days and enjoy them more!

It’s putting this into practice on the difficult days that’s tough.

What do you sacrifice in your life?

How do you structure your days?

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