Cold Calls on Saturday

Last Saturday, my girlfriend got a call from the local Labour Party. She was on an online training conference all weekend and only had a short break for lunchtime. She received the call on her break. They wanted to ask her about her views as a student nurse on the 1% pay-rise for NHS Staff. 

It was a shame because she wanted to give them a good answer required, but she had to get back to the training.

The question is: why were they calling on a weekend?

My girlfriend said she would happily give them the time to answer, if they called back on Monday. But the caller said their system automatically gave them a random name and number, so they couldn’t call again.

They want to make a change, but they need to understand how their voters. 

We can’t expect others to respond when we want them to. We have to do the hard work of seeking out those we want to serve.

Cold calls on a Saturday is not the way to seek out the others. We need to put in persistent effort to build trust.