Sunday Planning

Over the last few months, I’ve neglected my habit of planning my week on Sundays. I used to spend a couple of hours looking ahead to what was on my agenda and preparing for the week. 

I don’t know why I stopped doing it. Perhaps, it was another obligation that was becoming too stressful. But whether it was a conscious choice or not, I’ve neglected my time management and organisation recently. I’ve found myself overwhelmed during the week and constantly reacting to the ‘incoming’ and ‘urgent’ things, rather than having time to do the studying and work I want to do.

So last Sunday, I made time to get it all out. Every obligation, meeting, deadline, exam, phone-call. I wrote them all down on pieces of paper and sorted through my In-Tray.

I’m a bit old-school, so I don’t find digital ‘Sticky Notes’, calendars and organisers very useful. I prefer to use a good old-fashioned pen and paper. Some people like to have a To-Do list for the day or plan a month ahead. But I find a week-by-week plan most useful, personally.

I’ve certainly noticed this past week, how much clearer my thinking has been now I’ve started planning again and noting down things for next weekend’s Sunday Planning session.

When did you last take some time to clear your head?

How do you plan best?