“Lockdown Goals”

As the third (I think?) time of compulsory lockdown in England is coming to an end, I’ve been having a few conversations with people about our experiences.

The first lockdown last year was a novelty. I was blessed to be safe at home with my family. None of us were front-line, key workers. My summer university semester and exams were delayed, cancelled or changed to make things easier. The weather was good. I spent a lot of the spring and early summer “enjoying” myself and the free time I had.

Since late October last year, things have been very different. I struggled through the winter with my mental health and my final year of university. That has lasted until now, in early April when (hopefully) “things will starting opening up again”.

But reflecting on this most recent time of lockdown, I think it has been very different. Last year, perhaps it was the first time many people had had to spend time at home with family or loved ones. It was the time of new hobbies, more free time and the first of many Zoom quizzes.

A friend was recently asked by their neighbour what their recent “lockdown goals” had been: 

Getting out of bed is probably the main one.”

It’s difficult because perhaps for many people, Zoom quizzes and online socialising was their way of coping with this new kind of warped isolation. Other people started new hobbies and did things they thought they “never had time for” in the past.

This is all well and good. I’m not criticising those who are missing their social time and who have used their time in new ways. 

But I think the danger comes when we compare “our lockdowns” to others. We see how “successful” and “busy” people are on social media and that can make us feel worse about how we are doing.

How much we are doing.

What matters is that we are coping. We are moving forwards. For some people, that has been quicker and more creative. For others, it has been difficult and tiresome. 

What’s not helpful is comparison. In fact, I’ve found it’s rarely ever helpful.

Have you had lockdown goals?

How have you found the different periods of lockdowns?