Messy Back Gardens

Last week, I was working with my Dad. We were cleaning the windows and gutters of a house that was probably the messiest one I’d ever seen. A lovely old couple lives there and they sat out talking to us as we worked. Their front garden was full of what I can only describe as “stuff” – tools, two caravans, camping and cooking equipment strewn all over, crates and crates of food and drinks.

Slightly perturbed, we went round the back of the house and were shocked. Without trying to be funny, I can honestly say that the local rubbish tip is tidier and more organised. There was “stuff” everywhere. Their shed was so full that things were bursting through its windows. You could not see in through the back patio doors because there was a mountain of “stuff” taller than me.

How much “stuff” do we need?

Why weren’t they hiding it?

Why did they want their windows and gutters cleaning?

This was quite a contrast to the blog post I wrote a few weeks ago about Astroturf front lawns.

Does the messiness in our lives tell us something?

Perhaps, one or both of them suffers from hoarding. I don’t want to come across as mocking these people. They were very kind to us, offering us drinks on multiple occasions, and they were very grateful for our work. I just want to try to understand. 

I did some research about it when this crossed my mind and found this webpage very informative.