How Do You Discern?

Something that helps me with decision making is prayer. 

I’ve been raised a Catholic Christian and still figuring out what it means to pray and what even is prayer. But what I do know, is that it helps me make decisions. I offer up what I’m struggling with, what I don’t know the answer to and ask for guidance. 

Perhaps, the answers are what I expect. Sometimes, it’s not the answer I want. From time to time, there is no immediate answer – or so it seems.

I need patience, perseverance, trust and hope. Easier said than done. 

Not only this, but I seek advice from people I consider sources of wisdom. I read and research. I ask questions. I wait. I think. I walk. I meditate. I journal. I write.

I’m trying not to rush my decision making – both when no immediate response is needed, but also when one is. I must take time to ponder.

I believe the answers to my prayer also come through these other means. (I’m yet to hear the booming voice of God from the Heavens).

But as I journey onwards, I’m trying to base more of my decision making on prayer and let it lead from there.

What helps you make decisions?

How do you discern?