Nothing To Say

Sometimes, I worry I’ve got nothing of value to write and say in this blog.

The fear of sufficiency freezes me and I sit staring at my laptop. A voice inside tells me:

“You’ve already written that blog post. No one will want to read that.”

Yet nowadays, with social media, everyone has a microphone. No longer is it just the media companies, broadcasters and journalists who get to write, speak and give their opinions.

There are thousands of voices out there; thousands of blogs and podcasts.

And that is the reason I write. Because in all of the noise, I hope and like to think – no, I know and trust – that there are people who want to read and hear what I have say.

That applies to all of us. We all have stories to tell. In a culture of fake news, clickbait and attention-stealing, I urge you to and share yours.

P.S. Thank you once again for reading my blog.