Openness: A Homage To The Pub

After months of lockdown here in England, the pubs have finally reopened. Last week, I went for a walk with my Brother, and we spent a couple of hours in the late afternoon enjoying a pint. 

I’ve missed this. The chance to do something “normal” and do something that I have come to value so much over the past year. 

We spoke about our time at university and how it’s been interrupted. Precious time living independently and with friends has been missed.

It wasn’t about the beer. I treasure the times I spend with my friends and loved ones in the pub. Sure, it can be done in coffee shops, in parks and on walks. But they are different settings for different things.

I hold the pub dear to my heart because, as my Brother said to me:

You’re like an open book in the pub!”

I value the times I spend in the pub because they are occasions of fellowship and friendship. Times of laughter, openness and vulnerability. Times when stories are told and memories are shared.

You don’t have to drink to be able to enjoy the pub atmosphere. I’m looking forward to treasuring the moments when I can spend time drinking and conversing with my dear friends in the pub again.

Where do you have your best conversations?

Who do you have them with?