“Patience Is A Muscle”

I remember having a conversation with my Nana after a friend’s relationship of a few years ended. I asked her how she had managed to sustain a healthy, loving marriage with my Grandad for well over 50 years.

“Patience is a muscle; it needs constant work.”

Those were her words of wisdom. I think they ring true.

For anything of value to last, we need to take care of it and appreciate it. But it also requires constant work, constant polishing.

Over the years, I imagine my Grandparents have had many small “fights” – everyday arguments about the little things, and perhaps some bigger matters. 

Patience is tested. But if you love someone, you learn to move beyond the small, everyday annoyances. You recognise that person’s dignity and value to you.

Of course, this is not encouraging anyone to stay in an unhealthy, toxic or abusive relationship. That is very different to learning to live with another person.

How do you practise patience?

Are you a patient person?