Duty Of Care

Last Thursday, I was supposed to have a call from my therapist. They had discharged me a few weeks ago because they thought they couldn’t help me any more.

From being “the client with the worst scores” on the Anxiety and Depression scales (their words) two weeks before, I was suddenly discharged, after a couple of relatively good weeks and therapy sessions. 

Go figure.

Anyway, last Thursday, I was meant to receive a call at 4 pm as a check-in, to see how I was getting on and if needs be, have more sessions if things had taken a turn for the worse.

4 pm came and went. And I’ve heard nothing from the therapist since being discharged.

I was out working with my Dad at the time and cynically said: “it’s a good thing I’m out window cleaning and not having a mental health crisis!”

I was surprised and shocked that the professional forgot to call me.

We have a duty in our work to the people we serve.

Have you ever been forgotten as a client?

How do you care for your customers?