Stop And Feast!

Sundays are for rest. Or at least, I think they should be. In other faith traditions, the day of rest is another day – Friday or Saturday – but the importance of the Sabbath should not be underestimated.

Nowadays, we live in a secular society. I respect other people’s beliefs. But in a Western culture that worships busyness and work, it’s all the more important to stop and feast at the weekend.

I spoke with a friend about this a few weeks ago. They were complaining about their PhD supervisor arranging meetings on Easter Monday. (Even if you’re not Christian, it’s still a Bank Holiday here in the UK!)

In our family, we used to have the tradition of a Sunday Roast Dinner every weekend. It’s evolved over the years, away from meat, veg and Yorkshire puddings, but the essence is still the same – to come together, feast and share a meal with the family. I believe Christian theology states that we are supposed to celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection every Sunday – not just at Easter – and I think this ties in with the idea of celebrating and feasting at the weekend. 

You don’t have to be religious to do this at all, but I think time away from devices, meetings and work is critical. The time that instead, could be spent with loved ones, in the outdoors, resting and/or for our own well-being.

Sometimes, we have to work on weekends – certain businesses, services, the Public Health Service, for example. But the “weekend” doesn’t have to necessarily be on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps, these jobs just make it a little more difficult logistically. 

The Sabbath, I believe, is not about confusing rules of what one should and shouldn’t do. It’s essentially about rest and worship. When we don’t make time to stop and do these things, we forget to rest and begin to worship other things.

What you think of celebrating and feasting?

Do you share meals with loved ones? When? 

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