Once we start appreciating what we have in life, we stop noticing what we lack.

It’s a daily effort to Practice Gratitude and start living out of a mentality of abundance, but it is one way I have found that helps me focus on my “Haves” rather than my “Have-Nots”. For we will always lack many things and the shadow of Insufficiency will always be hiding nearby in the darkness.

But by noticing the abundance in many areas of our lives, we can Practise Gratitude and count our blessings. Paradoxically, by living out of abundance and appreciation for what we have, we will soon found that we have plenty more to give! 

What helps you Practise Gratitude?

P.S. I’ve started keeping a Gratitude Journal of all the things I notice that I’m blessed with in my days. From being able to turn on the tap and have clean water running, to having a loving, caring circle of friends and family. Every. Little. Thing.