Old Friends II

I’m blessed to still be in touch with a few friends I grew up and went to school with. I had the chance to meet one of my oldest friends for lunch last week. It felt strange. I had not seen him for well over a year now. We’d been in touch a bit over the last year and tried to plan something for a while, but we kept having to postpone it because of lockdown restrictions. 

It felt different from before. But I think all friendships do at the moment. It’s strange not having seen many people. I think I’ve forgotten how to interact with people in person.

But our friendship has changed over the years, too. That’s inevitable with anything that lasts for a long time. We’ve both changed. We had our ups and down back in school. Now we have our own separate lives, but there is beauty in that evolution.

We met up in the town we grew up and went to school in. We’ve met up where we’ve to university before, but I think it was the first time since we were back home.

We talked about old things: our friends, our school, what’s changed and what hasn’t (or so it appears).

Do you have many old friends?

How often do you see them?

How have you changed?

How have they changed?

How have your friendships changed?