Take Time For Quality Time

“Quality time” used to be one of my Mum’s favourite buzzwords. It would be watching a film together on a Saturday night, after going to Mass, years before I was old enough to go out at the weekend. Or it would be driving across the Pennines to visit my Mum’s side of the family. The idea of spending “Quality Time” with loved ones was instilled in us. I’m sad to admit that, at times, I resented it. I naively thought it was time taken away from me, doing things I didn’t want to do.

It’s curious how a few years of age makes me look back and realise how stupid I was!

Over the past year, I’ve come to appreciate “Quality Time” even more than before. The lockdown restrictions in the UK have obliged me to spend more time at home than I would have expected during my university years. But it has also allowed me to spend time with loved ones, family and friends that I may not have been able to.

I was reflecting on this when I met up with my Nana and Grandad outside for a coffee and a slice of cake at our local bookstore and café. It was one of our favourite places to go for a drink and browse the books before the pandemic hit. My girlfriend and I treated my Grandparents, as it was my Granddad’s 94th birthday earlier in the week. That birthday was enough to make me think about how lucky I am.

I’m blessed to still have my Grandparents alive. To visit them and spend time with reasonably healthy, double-vaccinated Grandparents is a gift that many people may not have. I’m very grateful for that and know I need to appreciate them and the time I have with them.

What do you think of “Quality Time”?

How do you spend “Quality Time with your loved ones, family and friends?

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