Remain In Me

Last Sunday, I “went to mass” in Colombia on Youtube. 

The priest spoke in his sermon about how we, as human beings, struggle with change. Yet, we’re constantly changing and desire novelty. We fear change, but we don’t want to stay in certain places, in certain jobs and with certain people.

We’re striving for happiness and success, but we’re constantly seeking more: more money, more “stuff”, more status, something else or someone else. 

We’re seeking Life – joy, love and peace – but we will never find it if we’re always on the move, looking for something new.

If we can’t remain, trust and hope in what we have, we won’t be satisfied. We will live out our lives in a constant search to fill our desire and emptiness.

What are you seeking to change in your life? Why?

What needs to change?

What are you content with? What are not?