Running Out Of Ideas

Now and again, I’m overwhelmed with a great fear of running out of ideas for my daily blog.

There’s nothing left to say. My brain is empty. I’ve failed to notice and note anything down all day. 

This fear can freeze me and I worry about the day when there’s no daily blog post.

But I know I can sit and do nothing, worrying about having no blog posts. 

Or I can write one. I can write something. Anything. An idea in my phone notes. A wearied scribble of a sentence in my bedside journal. A post-it note throughout the day. 

Once I start writing, the ideas start flowing. I think of another. (I started writing this blog post and stopped midway through to write another).

You get the idea.

How many ideas do you have a day?

Can we run out of ideas? 

Are they our own?

What do you do with them?